Portrait photograph of Katsuya Urushizaki
Photographed by Ethsham Haque Full-size Photograph (0.4MB)

Katsuya Urushizaki began DJing and performing live during his time studying graphic design at Camberwell College of Arts in London. He quickly caught the attention of fellow musicians and event organizers who asked him to play at the club Mass in Brixton as well as local festivals and warehouse parties, such as Douglas Benfordís London-based Sprawl events. Urushizaki soon began producing music of his own which he categorizes as minimal dub, although there are also strong click house and minimal techno influences in his work. Starting in 2005 he would release tracks on several 12" compilations released by MultiVitamins records under the alias Katzo. In 2006 his full length debut album, Disposition, released through Italian label Silentes, featured ten tracks credited to his own name. Also released under his own name in 2006 was his internationally distributed EP for Hollandís Audio,nl label.

2001年渡英、キャンパウェル大学でデザインを学ぶかたわら、ロンドンのクラブシーンにおいてDJやライブ活動をスタートさせる。 ロンドン・ブリクストンのクラブMASSでのライブや、Douglas Benfordが主催するロンドン拠点の電子音楽イベント・フェスティバルSprawlへの参加など、多くのイベントで活躍しながら同時に楽曲制作にも着手。 ミニマルテクノや、クリックハウスに影響を受けたミニマルダブをメインに展開し、Katzo名義でMultiVitamins Records(イギリス)や、Mindtours(ウェールズ)の12インチコンピレーション、Silentes(イタリア)から、アルバム「disoposition」、本名名義でもAudio.nl(オランダ)から12インチEPを発表するなど、ヨーロッパを縦断するようにリリースを重ね、着実に評価を高めてきた。